If you can’t bring Mohammad to the mountain bring the mountain to Mohammad

When I return home from the busy week in New York City, I make my way into the garden within 15 minutes to check on my extended family!

I remembered that there is an accessible roof at the new company I administrate. It looks like Pike Lane Gardens will have an new adjunct location. Along with the help of the executive chef and his staff, I will be creating a 500 square ft rooftop garden. We will grow the majority of herbs needed for the Sonnier and Castle events, as well as some spring and fall greens. Of course, there will be heirloom tomatoes…. but I think they might stay “in house” as a corporate perk for the employees.

Next step…. Getting the wood up the ladder to build the beds!

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3 Responses to If you can’t bring Mohammad to the mountain bring the mountain to Mohammad

  1. Constance Shrier says:

    Any company that offers heirloom tomatoes as a perk is bound to have loyal employees. Good luck with your newest garden, Adam. And thanks once again for getting us started as gardeners. Ours is thriving.

  2. eric weiss says:

    You go Master Gardener!
    Anyone would be lucky to have you growing things on their roofs.

  3. jon kramer says:

    that is great to see! did it take much convincing to get them to do it, or was it a no brainer? i think its great!

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