I am now a member of the weekend gardening club


I have recently accepted a CEO position in the New York Hospitality industry. I can now tell you first hand, what adjustments I have had to make.

It seems as though I have a new meadow of weeds in the garden. It is my priority to weed the actual beds that I am growing in. Weeds compete for the nutrients and water;  Weeding on a weekly basis will avoid  “the meadow factor”

Keeping the plants watered is essential. One inch per week is a good guideline. However, more is required during consecutive 90 plus degree days. Watering in the a.m. is best before the heat settles in. Fortunately, my wife’s watering skills are better than any
automatic system!

Feeding your plants is the last of the big three items.  I want to make sure that the plants are healthy and thriving. Scratching in some fish emulsion or blood meal every two
weeks will be helpful (make sure to keep a boundary of 4 inches around the base
of each plant to prevent burning.  But NOT  THE TOMATO PLANTs. Wait until your
plants flower before feeding, as the leaves will be plentiful, but not your tomatoes.

I will continue to pass along tips and recipes as the summer unfolds!

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7 Responses to I am now a member of the weekend gardening club

  1. Marilyn says:

    Good hearing from you, Adam. Glad you’re able to keep up at least some of your amazing gardens. Good luck in your new position!

  2. Leigh Anne Brodsky says:

    It sounds like you have Two gardens to tend these days! Good luck, we know both gardens will bear fruit and be plentiful. :-)

  3. Constance Shrier says:

    Congratulations, Adam. And best wishes for success and satisfaction in your new position.

  4. jon kramer says:

    Hope all is well and the new job is going great. My garden is growing and blooming like crazy. Please remind me, my raspberry plants have alot of new growth but only a few berries are the fruits on last years growth? should i cut them all back?i should have a lot more fruit

  5. Rick B says:

    Congratulations on the new endeavor!

    Rick & Ginger

  6. Brooks Mullen says:

    Congratulations Adam! I wish you the best in your new direction.

  7. kristin moshonas says:

    Congrats on the new gig! I’m sure your garden is a bit sad tho… Good info above — thanks as usual. So, are you still the master question answerer?? Neem Oil… been using it every couple of weeks. Seems to kind of work with the bugs, but near impossible to get the bitterness out of the leaves — any suggestions would be most appreciated!! Cheers, Kristin

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