Don’t be a premature planter!

These past few weeks of warm weather have really been a treat.

My garlic has shot out of the ground and is growing beautifully.

However, the cold temperatures will be returning and who knows if there is still a snowfall ahead of us. My suggestion is to hold off on putting your seeds into the ground for another two weeks or so.

Cold, cold, weather will dramatically slow (or stop) the germination process as well as  decrease your yields…… there isn’t any downside to waiting.

Hopefully all of you have already put your peas in the ground and will have great luck.

Thanks to my friend Nancy, I had a special delivery of peas that St Patrick’s Day afternoon.  I hope to share my good luck with all of you!

You can prepare your beds now for planting. Clean out the weeds, add your compost, and turn the soil.

Check the long term forecast beginning April 1st and then make your decision.

Good luck



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One Response to Don’t be a premature planter!

  1. Rachelle says:

    Thanks Adam! I did put down some lettuce seeds but figure it’s a small risk if they don’t make it. Enjoy!

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