The rain is causing some friends to come to the party!

Your young Kale plants may look like this when you go outside.  Baby slugs are the culprit and they love wet weather.

There are some short term remedies

1 Stale Beer in a cup placed in between plants (domestic only!)    It attracts the slugs and they drown

2. Diatomaceous Earth- A mineral dust mined from quarries that kill the slugs when they come in contact with it.

3. Hot Pepper Spray, Coffee grounds, Garlic Oil…… It goes on and on.

Here’s the problem.. Slugs are nocturnal and absolutely love rainy conditions. If the rain continues, you will need to reapply the remedy you are attempting. (And might get frustrated along the way)

Here is the best way……………………… …………………..Be Patient.

Know that the sun will eventually shine and the slugs will retreat. You will snip off all of the damaged leaves, but the plant will continue to grow and new kale will arrive.

Part of being a vegetable gardener you cannot control the weather. At least you don’t have to worry about watering the garden!

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2 Responses to The rain is causing some friends to come to the party!

  1. Buenas noches, creo que es un buen aporte Excelente.

  2. Qué tal compañeros, muy bueno sin lugar a dudas Muchas gracias de verdad

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